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Q: Why is Welton Woods only available to rent weekly?
A: Welton Woods is an almost 11,000 sq foot lodge that we take great pride and responsibility in. It takes significant dedication and attention to detail to maintain the lodge to the standards we've set. We are very excited to share the property, but it is unfeasible for us to have both top amenities and high turnaround, so we've made the decision to keep our criterion and let each stay be an experience.
Q: The last few miles are rural roads, what do I do if its snow season?
A: No worrries! We have a Sno-cat that fits 12-15 people that makes it up to the lodge in any weather. For just $250/hr (2 trips up to the lodge and back) we provide you with transportation and a Sno-cat operator. There’s no need to stress. We’ll get you there.
Q: There’s no concierge, what if I need something?
A: We offer our guests the entire lodge so they may feel comfortable and make it their own, but we do know sometimes things come up. That’s why we are always available to call. We have knowledgeable staff and a local presence in the area, and are always available to help in any way we can.
Q: Why Welton Woods?
A: This property offers the unique opportunity to accommodate a significant number of people all under one roof in the same locale. The layout makes it perfect to have privacy when desired, but provides large communal areas for socializing groups. The lodge is also close enough to town to get things you need, but isolated enough to offer the ease of seclusion. The lodge is completely different from other retreats because it’s completely private, offering a superior environment for bonding. Even outside, the property provides acres of personal space exclusive to Welton Woods.
Q: What can we do for fun?
A: There are plenty of things to do! Please enjoy the game room, theater room, hot tub, sauna, BBQ grill, piano, rope swing, and hiking trails on Welton Woods' property. The fire pit creates great opportunities for bonding and fun when weather and fire restrictions permit.