Driving Directions to Welton Woods

  1. Driving from the north on Highway 89, arrive to Fairview, UT. Drive 0.7 miles south on State Street.
  2. Turn left (east) onto 300 S and drive for 0.6 miles
  3. Veer right onto Mountainville Hwy. (11400 East) and drive for 1.8 miles (follow signs for Skyline Mountain Resort)..
  4. Turn left into the entrance for Skyline Mountain Resort (Birch Creek Rd.). After 20 yards veer towards the right and drive straight for 0.5 miles.
  5. Turn left to stay on Birch Creek Rd. and drive for less than 0.1 mile. Stop at the gate key box that will be on your left. Use the provided gate key. The gate will swing towards you.

    Picture on how to use gate key:
    Gate Key

  6. Pass through the gate, drive no more than 10 feet and take an immediate right onto Birch Creek Drive and drive for 1.0 mile.
  7. You will approach a sign for Skyline Mountain Resort. Take a left at this sign and head up towards Legacy Mountain. Follow the curve, and straighten out past the Legacy Mountain map. Drive for 0.3 miles.
  8. Turn left onto Archie's Hideaway and drive for 1.0 mile. After driving exactly 1.0 mile you should approach a hair pin turn to your right. Turn right up this turn to continue on Archie's Hideaway (no street sign) continue driving for another 0.3 miles.
  9. Turn left onto Snow Loop and drive for 0.3 miles. Turn left to continue on Snow Loop and drive 0.1 mile. The sign for Snow Loop will seem to end, however continue to the right for another 0.1 mile.
  10. After 0.1 mile turn right onto JD Way. You are now on the property of Welton Woods. Continue forward and make a sharp left turn up the drive way for Welton Woods. Parking is available along the drive way and in front of Welton Woods.